"I am so appreciative of the care and attention you gave to the transcripts of my interviews and to me." -   Sharon Skaling,                                                                                                                              Ph.D. scholar, Mount Saint Vincent University.

"Accommodating and professional; goes above and beyond, deciphering my many medical acronyms and delivering a high-quality product every time."- Nicole Bobbette, Occupational Therapist, and Doctoral Student, Queen's University. 

"I was very impressed by the meticulous care demonstrated."  - Bruce T. MacIntosh, Q.C., Mac, Mac & Mac Law firm.

"Mature, professional and responsible. An asset to the business community."  - Adam Rodgers, LL.B, Boudrot Rodgers Law.

"Resourceful, talented, dedicated."  - Sheldon Currie, Author, retired Professor, St. Francis Xavier University.

"Hard-working, creative with important abilities." - Kerr Canning, retired Professor, John Abbot College, MIT.

"Very accommodating to our project needs, respected the confidential nature of our material, worked diligently and carefully to ensure the delivery of high quality. It was a pleasure." - Erin Kelly, Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University.

"An impressive individual, able to pull together under difficult circumstances. An amazing job." - Dr. Heidi Cramm, Queen's U.