$15.00 per hour for a straight transcription, or for copy editing your writing.

$18.00 per hour for cleaned-up transcript,, or for substantive editing of your writing.

$20.00 per hour for verbatim.  (All 'um's, 'ah's, 'you know's, 'kind of's, and 'like's.) or content editing of your writing.


The number of hours it will take to transcribe your sound file includes time spent punctuating it, researching and expanding your acronyms, researching the company jargon and name spellings of the people and places mentioned in your recording, so the more information you can provide, the less time and therefore lower cost.

Names, if required, can be encoded.  Information can be redacted.  Setting up your formatting, headers and footers is all quicker, the more you convey at the outset. 

Poor volume of the person being interviewed is probably our most common challenge.  The interviewer checks the sound using their own volume only, and we've never failed to hear an interviewer clearly, but surprisingly, their subject is often faint.  Do a tester involving them before you begin, and save money.

Background noise also causes strain to hear, as do speaker-phone features being on in the case of a telephone interview.  Phone interviews done in moving cars are not our friends. 

One person interrupting another, or talking over another, can take your price up as well, as it takes many more re-playings to decipher what is being said.  Thick accents and speech impediments also take longer but are not prohibitive. 

 RUSH jobs and weekend turnaround cost more. 

DISCOVERIES AND APPEALS WELCOME.  Call 902-292-2483 for a quote.

EDITING  We appreciate seeing the document if possible, to determine whether it is in need of quick copy editing or substantial content editing. E-mail it for a quote.